Flare allows you to create, edit, and animate vector graphics. Flare uses Shapes and Paths to define these.

Create Vectors

Create Menu

Use the Create Menu to add vector graphics to your file.

Procedural Shapes

The Shape menu allows you to create procedural shapes. These shapes have additional properties in the Inspector (e.g. Width, Height, Corner Radius, Star Points, and more).

Custom Shapes

The Pen tool allows you to draw a custom vector shape without using a predefined procedural shape.

Edit Vertices

Select a shape and use the Edit Vertices button

To edit vector shapes, select a shape or a path and press the Edit Vertices button in the Inspector (or press the Enter key).

Procedural shapes must first be converted to paths

Procedural shapes have to be converted to paths before you can edit their vertices. This will cause the shape to lose its procedural properties (such as the number of points on a star) but it will allow you to manipulate vertices individually.

Once you're in Edit Vertices mode, you can select and manipulate the vertices of your shape. Press the Done Editing button (or press the Esc key) when you're finished.